May 21, 2014

Warner Brothers Developing Student Game Show Format

Students from the National Film and Television School in the UK have developed a game show format that caught the eye of Warner Brothers.

The National Film and Television School is a film school in the UK where students take practical, hands-on classes in Film and TV production. The BBC noted that the NFTS was the “leading centre of excellence for education in film and television programme making.” Every year, students in the NFTS Producing and Directing TV Entertainment MA course get a chance to pitch their TV show ideas to Warner Brothers as a first look option deal. This year, Warner Brothers found a winner in a game show format called Secret Studio.

From the NFTS website about the show:

Secret Studio, an exciting new high stakes hidden camera game show format in which one contestant answers tough questions and faces their deepest fears in order to walk away with life-changing money – or so they think! The real game is one of psychology, perception and prediction. Each week an unsuspecting ‘mark’ plays an entirely hoaxed game show within a game show called Hell to Pay. Their family and friends secretly watch their loved one from a secret studio and have to predict the ‘mark’s’ behavior in order to win the grand prize.

The show looks like it’s going to be pitched to Sky and potentially shopped internationally.

Source: NFST News