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We Want a 1000 Heartbeats Mobile Game!


We, the undersigned, are petitioning you, Hungry Bear Media, owners of the license to 1000 Heartbeats, to allow a developer (we would prefer Barnstorm Games, makers of the incredible Chase, Perfection, Eggheads and Tipping Point apps) to create an iOS version of 1000 Heartbeats. The technology available on all the latest media devices could easily allow for the main game element of tracking a heartbeat to be emulated in the game. Plus, we can’t get enough of it!

The Undersigned, and BuzzerBlog

Dear Hungry Bear Media: We Want a 1000 Heartbeats Game!


13 signatures

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13Brooke G.Jun 21, 2017
12Josh S.Jun 07, 2017
11Adam S.Feb 20, 2016
10James G.Feb 10, 2016
9Michał K.Jan 20, 2016
8Caleb T.Dec 25, 2015
7Gordon D.Dec 23, 2015
6Curtis G.Dec 22, 2015
5Craig T.Dec 22, 2015
4Nick G.Dec 22, 2015
3Andrew H.Dec 22, 2015
2Liam S.Dec 22, 2015
1Cory A.Dec 22, 2015